Comparison of hawk and falcon

Hawks are larger compare to Falcon Falcons are smaller compare to Hawks Characteristics Strong legs, sharp and curved talons, sharp, powerful and curved beaks, powerful wings, keen eyesight, swift fliers, can soar for long periods Medium sized raptor bird, long pointed wings — gray on the upper and back sides, black and brown bars on its side, blue color eyes, feet colors are from green to yellow, sharp and hooked beak Color Vary in color; most are gray or reddish brown on top and whitish underneath.

Comparison of hawk and falcon

Falcon and hawk are generally considered as similar prey birds by many people but they differ from each other in many ways. There are many factors that put them in different ways. Falcons belong to the same family Falco whereas not all hawk belong to the same family and belong to different genera.

Falcons are known to attack their prey with their beaks whereas hawks use their feet to kill their prey.

Comparison of hawk and falcon

If you want to distinguish between the two then first you must understand the basic features of the two birds. After reading this article you will be in a position to easily differentiate between the two prey birds. Here is a comparison of these two. Falcons are known for their speeds when they are fully mature.

They use their beak to attack their prey.

Comparison of hawk and falcon

Falcons are highly populated bird and can be found all over the world except Antarctica. Falcons can adapt in any circumstances and hence we can find them living in almost all kind of habitats. Whether it is desert, arctic or grasslands they can be easily found in all type of surroundings.

There are around 40 species of falcons living all over the world. The normal lifespan of falcons varies from years whereas in some cases falcons can also live for up to 25 years. Falcons are carnivorous in nature and their diet depends upon the rodents, fish and small insects.

They have long wings and a medium sized tail and they are mostly dark brown in colour whereas few species are grey as well. They are known to hunt during daytime and hence are known as diurnal birds.

Falcons are wide-known for their eyesight and can see up to 8 times clearer than a normal human eye. Falcons are very fast flying birds. Female falcons are usually larger than male and both the mates are known to take care of their offspring. The Accipiter hawks are most commonly found on earth hence it is the largest genus of hawks.

Hawks are more clever prey birds than falcons and they do a sudden attack on their prey. They are known for their long tails. Similar to falcons they are also widely populated and can be found all over the world except Antarctica.

Hawks can also adapt in any kind of habitats hence you will find them in all kind of environmental conditions. Whether it is arctic, desert, grasslands you can find them everywhere. Hawks have more than species on the earth.

Just like the Falcons their sizes also differ from species to species. They can be as long as 22 inches and can weigh up to 5 pounds. Similar to the Falcons, the females are usually larger than the males. They sharp bill is their weapon while killing their prey.

They also use the same to tear apart their prey. Hawks are also widely known for their great eyesight and can clearly locate their prey from a distance of up to feet. Similar to the Falcons they also hunt in the daytime and hence are known as a diurnal animal.In fact, the peregrine falcon is the fastest moving bird on record, flying around 60 miles per hour and diving up to mph.

Hawks' wings are shorter than falcons', and they move much more slowly in the air. The difference between male and female falcon is not that evident, but the color and the pattern of the chest and throat are the best indicators.

Feathers Usually have darker spots or streaks on the neck, breast, and legs and darker bars on the tail and wings. The hawk and the falcon are similar in a lot of ways but differ in, the way they hunt, their size, and their habitat. “The term ‘hawk’ is used to . Jan 13,  · Following are some of the differences which can be listed out among the hawk, eagle, kite and falcon such as: Eagles are differentiated from other broad winged birds of prey mainly by their larger size, more powerful build, heavier head and bill.

The smallest falcon, the American kestrel, is able to hover in one place while hunting small rodents and insects. Falcons include the American Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, and Merlin. In all, 16 species of birds of prey commonly migrate over Hawk Mountain, nine of which fall into one of the three above categories.

Hawk vs Falcon. A falcon is a bird of prey that belongs to the Genus falco. There are various species of these raptor birds in the genus falco. They are characterized by their long wings and powerful beaks that are adapted to the way the birds hunt for prey, by strongly clawing and then tearing the flesh of the captured animal.

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