Farewell speeches at annual day

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Farewell speeches at annual day

The traditional carnival of AcirealeSicily The Farewell speeches at annual day Carnival is of Christian origin, [11] and in the Middle Ages, it referred to a period following Christmastide that reached its climax before midnight on Shrove Tuesday.

Ina Shrovetide play spoke of Christians who painted their faces to celebrate the season: Hear you me, Jessica: Lock up my doors, and when you hear the drum And the vile squealing of the wry-nck'd fife, Clamber not you up o the casements then, Nor thrust your head into the public street To gaze on Christian fools with varnish'd faces.

Carnival can thus be regarded as a rite of passage from darkness to light, from winter to summer: Until spring produce was available, people were limited to the minimum necessary meals during this period. On what nowadays is called vastenavond the days before fastingall the remaining winter stores of lard, butter, and meat which were left would be eaten, for these would otherwise soon start to rot and decay.

The selected livestock had already been slaughtered in November and the meat would be no longer preservable. All the food that had survived the winter had to be eaten to assure that everyone was fed enough to survive until the coming Farewell speeches at annual day would provide new food sources.

The winter would be driven out, to make sure that fertility could return in spring. Also, there are some indications that the effigy of Nerthus [19] or Freyr was placed on a ship with wheels and accompanied by a procession of people in animal disguise and men in women's clothes.

Ceterum nec cohibere parietibus deos neque in ullam humani oris speciem adsimulare ex magnitudine caelestium arbitrator — "The Germans, however, do not consider it consistent with the grandeur of celestial beings to confine the gods within walls, or to liken them to the form of any human countenance.

The writings show that processions with ship-like carts were held and lavish feasts were celebrated on the eve of Lent or the greeting of spring in the early Middle Ages. During Lent, no parties or celebrations were held, and people refrained from eating rich foods, such as meat, dairy, fat, and sugar.

The first three classes were often totally unavailable during this period because of late winter shortages. In the Christian tradition, the fasting is to commemorate the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the desertaccording to the New Testamentand also to reflect on Christian values.

It was a time for catechumens those converting to Christianity to prepare for baptism at Easter. Carnival in the Middle Ages took not just a few days, but almost the entire period between Christmas and the beginning of Lent. In those two months, Christian populations used their several holidays as an outlet for their daily frustrations.

Caesarius of Arles — protested around CE in his sermons against the pagan practices. Centuries later, his statements were adapted as the building blocks of the Indiculus superstitionum et paganiarum "small index of superstitious and pagan practices"which was drafted by the Synod of Leptines in It condemned the Spurcalibus en februario.

The whole Carnival event was set before the fasting, to set a clear division between celebrations and penitence. Many local Carnival customs are claimed to derive from local pre-Christian rituals, such as elaborate rites involving masked figures in the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht.

However, evidence is insufficient to establish a direct origin from Saturnalia or other ancient festivals.

No complete accounts of Saturnalia survive, and the shared features of feasting, role reversals, temporary social equality, masks, and permitted rule-breaking do not necessarily constitute a coherent festival or link these festivals. These similarities may represent a reservoir of cultural resources that can embody multiple meanings and functions.

For example, Easter begins with the resurrection of Jesusfollowed by a liminal period, and ends with rebirth.

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Carnival reverses this as King Carnival comes to life, and a liminal period follows before his death. Both feasts are calculated by the lunar calendar. Both Jesus and King Carnival may be seen as expiatory figures who make a gift to the people with their deaths.

In the case of Jesus, the gift is eternal life in heavenand in the case of King Carnival, the acknowledgement that death is a necessary part of the cycle of life. Christ's passion is itself grotesque: Holy Week processions in Spain include crowds who vociferously insult the figure of Jesus.

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Irreverence, parody, degradation, and laughter at a tragicomic effigy of God can be seen as intensifications of the sacred order. Jews were forced to race naked through the streets of the city of Rome. They ran… amid Rome's taunting shrieks and peals of laughter, while the Holy Father stood upon a richly ornamented balcony and laughed heartily," an eyewitness reports.

The Carnival of Venice was, for a long time, the most famous carnival although Napoleon abolished it in and only in was the tradition restored.

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In the early 19th century in the German Rhineland and Southern Netherlandsthe weakened medieval tradition also revived. Continuously in the 18th and 19th centuries CE, as part of the annual Saturnalia abuse of the carnival in Rome, rabbis of the ghetto were forced to march through the city streets wearing foolish guise, jeered upon and pelted by a variety of missiles from the crowd.

Carnaval Fasching or Fastnacht in Germany mixed pagan traditions with Christian traditions. Pre-Lenten celebrations featured parades, costumes and masks to endure Lent's withdrawal from worldly pleasures.Carnival (see other spellings and names) is a Western Christian and Greek Orthodox festive season that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent.

The main events typically occur during February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide (or Pre-Lent).

Farewell speeches at annual day

Carnival typically involves public celebrations, including events such as parades, public street parties and other. History is often made and defined during great speeches. Usually coinciding with events of historical proportions or inspiring circumstances, the best speeches of all time normally feature one or two quotes that the become known to the entire world.

Other situations calling for farewell speeches are graduations (leaving a school, a class), retirements or perhaps when a long-time member of your club or neighborhood departs. Content ideas for a farewell speech given to a leaver.

And say your speech to a trusted friend or colleague before giving it on the day. This is a safety.

Farewell speeches at annual day

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