How apple evaluate their performance

Investors and analysts wait with baited breath for the company to waltz past their expectations and report another bump in revenue and profits. Today's earnings call, however, promises to be different. The Cupertino company has faced a number of headwinds in the last quarter from a global economic slowdown to problems in China, its most important market. Also, it's new lineup of products, such as the Apple iWatch and Apple Pay, has failed to touch a chord with consumers.

How apple evaluate their performance

Stakeholder groups impose demands that translate to corporate social responsibilities, which influence firm performance. Considering the continued high value of its brand, Apple effectively accounts for stakeholders in its strategies and policies.

Apple has a firm and holistic approach in addressing the interests of stakeholder groups significant to the business. These stakeholder groups compel Apple to improve, and Apple affects them by satisfying their interests.

These interests highlight the need for a holistic approach in corporate social responsibility efforts, which Apple already uses in its aims to satisfy major stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder groups impose varying demands in different aspects of business. Apple prioritizes customers as its top stakeholders in devising corporate social responsibility strategies.

This stakeholder group is composed of individual and organizational buyers of Apple products. The main interest of customers is to have effective and efficient products that are reasonably priced.

Apple products have higher price points.

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The main interests of these stakeholders are proper compensation and career development. The firm addresses the interests of its employees through compensation packages competitive in Silicon Valley. Investors are typically major stakeholders and determinants of corporate social responsibility programs in businesses.

The company effectively addresses this stakeholder group through excellent financial performance. For example, Apple is now one of the most profitable companies in the world. The firm maintains high profit margins. Apple also has a strong financial position, which involves high liquidity through large amounts of cash.

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The company has also managed to avoid debt. Based on these corporate social responsibility conditions, Apple effectively satisfies the interests of investors as stakeholders.

Employees of Suppliers and Distributors. Also, this stakeholder group is interested in ethical employment practices. To address these interests, Apple has a Supplier Code of Conduct.

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The company monitors and imposes requirements on the employment practices of firms in its supply chain. The company satisfies the interests of customers, Apple employees, and investors.

However, Apple has the opportunity to improve its corporate social responsibility performance in addressing the interests of the workers of firms in its supply chain. Imposing rules on suppliers is difficult, considering differences in organizational contexts.

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However, Apple has the power to compel suppliers to comply with its Supplier Code of Conduct. Voluntary nonfinancial disclosure and the cost of equity capital: The initiation of corporate social responsibility reporting.

How stakeholders view stakeholders as CSR motivators. Corporate social responsibility theories: Corporate reputation and CSR reporting to stakeholders: Gaps in the literature and future lines of research.

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How apple evaluate their performance

Performance Measurement of APPLE, Inc Performance Measurement of APPLE, Inc Apple Inc., Formerly Apple Computer, Inc.., is a US based multinational company that designs and sells consumer electronics, from computers along with software's.

Performance Measurement of APPLE, Inc Performance Measurement of APPLE, Inc Apple Inc., Formerly Apple Computer, Inc.., is a US based multinational company that designs and sells consumer electronics, from computers along with software's.

Sep 07,  · Apple announced new education software tools, such as Apple School Manager for setting up user accounts and provisioning iPads, an updated Price: $

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