India and bangladesh border problem algebra

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India and bangladesh border problem algebra

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Email The issue of immigration in Assam has long been a source of conflict in the state, and is a hot-button issue in the ongoing Assembly elections. However, the public discourse on this topic has been filled with angry rhetoric from the differing factions, all of whom feel legitimately aggrieved based on past wrongs.

This furious environment has india and bangladesh border problem algebra veiled the root causes of the issue and prevented any concerted attempt to address them. In fact, it has been suggested that this environment has been perpetuated for reasons of political convenience 1.

While lacking labour, the region was rich in natural resources and agricultural potential that remained mostly untapped. Thus, the colonial British government encouraged immigration from neighbouring regions to Assam, such that its population doubled from 3. This trend continued after Independence, with economic migrants from within India moving to Assam in search of better lives, and was compounded by illegal immigration from East Pakistan later Bangladesh.

By the population had reached almost 15 million and conflicts had already arisen between the different communities. There are many participants in these conflicts, born of the numerous distinct cultures and traditions in the region.

The major local languages are Assamese and Bodo, with Bengali also widely spoken, but in total there are 45 recognised languages that are spoken in the state. These communities have often clashed over the years, and this has built up a historical record of the wrongs suffered by each side that are then used to justify future conflicts.

Sadly, these prejudices have proven hard to overcome and run deep to this day. This is particularly true of immigrants from Bangladesh, who suffered great deprivations under Pakistani rule, and the number of immigrants was swollen by a rush of people seeking refuge from the violence of the Bangladeshi Independence War.

This trend has continued to this day, although the true magnitude of illegal immigration into Assam is disputed, and has been made easier by the porous India-Bangladesh border that is only partly secured.

The sizeable Muslim and Bengali-speaking minority in Assam has come to be vilified even though it is very difficult to identify recent immigrants from within this community, which mostly has its roots in the colonial-era migrations.

The Assam Movement quickly gained momentum and sometimes manifested violently, most notably in the case of Nellie Massacre ofwhere 3, Muslim Bengalis were massacred in one of the worst pogroms since WWII. The Indian Government negotiated an end to the agitation with the Assam Accords inbut this did not settle the issue.

Conflicts between ethnic Assamese and outsiders continued to flare up, as seen with the violence between indigenous Bodos and Bengali-speaking Muslims that displaced overpeople from their homes.

This problem links to the larger social fabric of India The issues described above are not necessarily unique to Assam, but in fact reflective of divides that afflict Indian society.

The communal conflict seen in this region reflects the situation in the rest of the country, but it seems to erupt into violence more often in Assam. Nonetheless, Assam does not exist in isolation and incidents here have had repercussions elsewhere.

Following the violence inMuslim groups throughout the country came out in protest of the violence inflicted on Muslims in Assam, and one of these demonstrations in Mumbai led to clashes between protestors and the police.

There were also several reported instances of violence and threats of retaliation against people from not just Assam, but the entire North-East. There is a political dimension to this problem Inevitably, the long-running conflict over the issue of immigration has been exploited for political gain over the years.

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The Assam Movement arose as a backlash against the presence of all outsiders in Assam, but it morphed into an anti-illegal immigration message since it was politically favourable to attack this minority as opposed to others that would have strong support from other parts of India.

The Assam Movement also launched the political careers of its leaders, who formed the Asom Gana Parishad AGP and went on to lead the state government for two terms on the same anti-immigrant platform.

india and bangladesh border problem algebra

Clearly, this idea still rings true in the hearts of voters, even if its original ringleaders are no longer in the picture. Critics of these parties have suggested that they have blown the scale of this immigration issue out of all proportion for political gain.

This may well be true, as statistics are often abused to present only one side of an argument. However, it is evident that this issue is not something that the politicians have created, but rather one that they found already present and then exploited.Background.

The Indian state of Assam is located in the country’s Northeast and shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. According to provisional Indian census figures for , Assam has a population of over 31 million with an area of 78, square kilometers (48, miles). The problem of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh is serious in Tripura as it has an unprotected porous border and is surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh, a PIL said.

The Myanmar delegation will visit the Rohingya camps in the border district of Cox’s Bazaar on Wednesday.

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India in Bangladesh ODI Series, 2015

Asia Cup India vs Bangladesh head to head battles. Border Patrol agents working near the Fort Brown Golf Course in Brownsville encountered four undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh. On Wednesday, the agents gave commands to the four men in Spanish, but it became evident the group did not know Spanish.

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Just after midnight Saturday, one of the most perplexing border disputes in the world officially ended. India and Bangladesh began the exchange of over enclaves – small areas of sovereignty. Border Patrol agents working near the Fort Brown Golf Course in Brownsville encountered four undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh. On Wednesday, the agents gave commands to the four men in Spanish, but it became evident the group did not know Spanish. In June, Bangladesh and India signed a border agreement which allowed the two countries to exchange small land enclaves; prior to the agreement, people living in the enclaves had been effectively.
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