Its cruel to keep animals in cages

Keeping Animals in Zoos is Cruel Updated on July 10, more Animals in the Zoo Are Stripped of Control Over their Lives "Freedom is a precious concept and wild animals suffer physically and mentally from the lack of freedom captivity imposes.

Its cruel to keep animals in cages

Petition: Demand an End to the Cruel Animal Scramble, Now!

The footage from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Petawhich comes days before the start of the Chinese lunar Year of the Dog, shows dogs and puppies in small, filthy cages amid their own waste, many of them spinning in circles.

Peta said many show signs of hip dysplasia and other painful conditions caused by inbreeding. A white bulldog can be seen dragging its legs and struggling to walk as a result of the condition.

Its cruel to keep animals in cages

According to Peta Asia, the video and pictures were taken by an undercover researcher who visited 13 dog breeding farms in Shanghai and the nearby province of Shandong in eastern China, and the southern province of Guangdong.

It has not received a response. Puppy mills are a well-kept secret of the pet trade, says Peta, supplying animals to pet stores and enthusiasts for purebred dogs without any concern for the millions of animals who will later be abandoned and die in animal shelters.

Puppy mills keep animals in cramped, crude, and filthy conditions without proper veterinary care or socialisation. Peta urges people who would like a dog or cat to adopt them from shelters and to spay and neuter their pets.because Animals did nothing to us to keep them in cages,the reason is we think they are dangerous while there is no other animal hates its own species just for a few differences such as religion or color.

Accent mammon Is It Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages By Accumulations 23 or endangered but the animals will lose their natural way of life from being in a natural habitat to being locked up in .

Its cruel to keep animals in cages

11 Facts About Circus Animal Abuse Welcome to, a global movement of 6 million young people making positive change, online and off!

The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. It’s Cruel To Keep Animals In Cages! Keeping animals in cages is a cruel and selfish act. Would you enjoy being locked up in a cage your entire life without room to move?

When wild animals are forced to live in cages, to perform via inhumane 'training,' etc., they are abused and that should end. Are zoos good? Certainly, IF they mimic the animals' natural habitat so that the animals are free within their exhibits.

Many people who keep caged birds allow them out of their cages during the day, so they aren't continually cooped up. Pet birds kept in enclosures that are .

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