Kashmir and murree winter adventure personal

Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] Murree has a variety of handicraft shops selling curios for the tourist to remind them of their visit to this hill station. Traditional clothing itemshead wear, carved walking sticks, jewelry items and leather goods are abundantly available. A complete shopping mall with every kind of multinational brands in cosmetics, clothing, shoes, grocery, watches, leather, restaurants, coffee, ice cream parlors, sweets from all over the world, some of famous names are KFC, Pizza Hut, Indulge coffee shop, Nirala sweets, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Nike, Adidas, Pierre Cardin, Rado, Tissot, Victoria Secrets, and many more have already got outlets in this mall. Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] There are many restaurants in Murree, mostly along The Mall.

Kashmir and murree winter adventure personal

It is a self-governing territory controlled by Pakistan. It borders the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir to the east separated from it by the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani-controlled parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir "Line of Control".

A devastating earthquake hit Azad Kashmir in centered near the city of Muzaffarabad. It was the eighteenth deadliest earthquake of all time and aid teams from around the world came to the affected region to assist in relief.

The culture of Azad Kashmir has many similarities to that of northern Punjabi Potohar culture in Punjab province. Weather[ edit ] The climate of Azad Kashmir varies with altitude.

Here you will find the best places to enjoy snowfall in winter with friends and family.

The central and northern parts, as a mountainous area in the lesser Himalayas zone, is very cold in winter with snowfall and moderate in summer, while the southern parts of Azad Kashmir have extremely hot weather in the summer and only moderately cold weather in the winter.

Azad Kashmir receives rainfall in both winters and summers. Get in[ edit ] Toli Pir Given the difficult geographical position of Azad Kashmir, there's no railway station as yet but there're two airports in Azad Kashmir, in the capital city Muzaffarabad and in Rawalakot but unfortunately currently both of them are closed therefore its not possible to fly directly to Azad Kashmir.

The nearest major airports are located in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. While by road is the only way to get in Azad Kashmir, traveling by road to Azad Kashmir is itself an attraction as you come across the most beautiful scenes of winding rivers and hills.

Practically, Azad Kashmir can be easily approachable by road from all nearby cities of Punjab and buses leave from Islamabad approximately every 20 minutes for different destinations in Azad Kashmir, but the most commonly used routes are: From Rawalpindi to Muzaffarabad via the beautiful hills of Murree km.

Get around[ edit ] Albeit by road is the only practical means of getting around, still there are various ways of getting around in Azad Kashmir, if you are not already travelling with your own vehicle.

Most tourists hire a taxi various kinds availablewhich takes you around to all the sight seeing spots in Azad Kashmir. Muzaffarabad and Mirpur has the busiest bus network, running from early hours of the morning to late night. See[ edit ] The northern part of Azad Kashmir encompasses the lower part of the Himalayas where scenic views are in abundance which make it a very popular holiday-retreat during the summer months.

There're many tourist spots but some most well-known are the two historical forts Red Fort Chak Fort and Black Fort located on the bank side of the Neelum River in Muzaffarabad.

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They were contracted in 16th century and holds archaeological significance. Pir Chinasi is tourist spot located 30 kilometres east of Muzaffarabad on the top of hills at the altitude of 9, feet 2, m. The mountain peak has gained large fame for its ziyarat of a famous Saint Pir and this place is visited by tourists who can get a great view of Muzaffarabad and rural areas around the hidden city.

Neelam Valley is a long river, possesses scenic beauty, great panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings. Another great river is the Leepa Valley which is full scenic beauty as well. It has high mountains covered with pine trees covered with snow during the winter season.Essay On Adventure Trip On Jammu Kashmir.

Geography and climate Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe near Ladakh, India Jammu and Kashmir is home to several valleys such as the Kashmir Valley, Tawi Valley, Chenab Valley, Poonch Valley, Sindh Valley and Lidder Valley.

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The main Kashmir valley is km (62 mi) wide and . Plan Adventurous Trip to Snow Covered Areas of Pakistan | Enjoy Snow Fall this Winter. Our beautiful Pakistan is blessed in every aspect.

Whether you want to enjoy a splendid summer or looking for an adventure to enjoy snowfall, everything is blessed to Pakistan. Winter Excursion To Shogran, Kashmir And snowy Murree, Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu Kashmir, Lahore, Pakistan.

Sat Feb 18 at am, ADVENTURESY brings you another exciting trip of northern areas of Pakistan. Exploring and witnessing the beauty of . Azad Kashmir has a population of four million.

It is a self-governing territory controlled by Pakistan. It borders the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir to the east (separated from it by the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani-controlled parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir "Line of Control"). Azad Kashmir is an independent state with its capital city of Muzaffarabad.

Winter Excursion To Shogran, Kashmir And snowy Murree - Event in Lahore, Pakistan

Muzaffarabad is situated a few kilometres from Kohala Bridge which forms the entry point into Azad Kashmir from this side of the border. Murree has always been the point of interest for the tourists in each and every season of the year but there is something celestial about it in the winter season.

Few days back tourists from across the Pakistan experienced first Snowfall in Murree of winters.

Kashmir and murree winter adventure personal