Newspaper terminology pdf

By Derek Boles Any specialized form of discourse has its own unique language and media literacy is no exception.

Newspaper terminology pdf

Newspaper Terminology

Abbreviation for advertisement AP: A particular subject, such as the fire or police department Byline: Number of newspaper copies sold Column: Vertical sections of typed lines on a newspaper page.

Also an article that appears regularly in the newspaper eg. Any kind of written material Cut: Explanation under or beside a photograph.

Also called a caption Dateline: Where a story happened Deadline: Time at which all copy for the edition must be submitted Editorial: Article expressing the opinion of an editor Feature: A story in which the interest lies in some factor other than news value Five Ws: Name of newspaper, as it is printed on the front page Headline: Title of a news story Inverted Pyramid: The style traditionally used in news stories.

The lead contains the most important facts who, what, when, where, why and how in the story, with the other details arranged in descending order Jumpline: Line at the bottom of a story listing the page where the story continues Lead: The editor who directs the daily gathering and editing of the news Masthead: List of the major executives of the paper, usually printed on the editorial page Publisher: The chief executive and often owner of a newspaper Syndicated Features: Material such as comics, advice columns, etc.

Network of reporters and editors who write stories for newspapers; these stories are available electronically to all the subscribing newspapers. Also referred to as News Service.Glossary of Newspaper Terms Ad, Advertisment — Printed notice of something for sale paid for by the advertiser. AP — Abbreviation for Associated Press, a.

National Weather Service Glossary

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing at a Glance This new edition features more than 56, terms and approximately 1, illustrations. We have undertaken a meticulous review of every image, soliciting feedback and improvements to enhance. 13 days ago · Glossary of Key Information Security Terms NIST has created an easily accessible repository of terms and definitions extracted verbatim from NIST’s FIPS, Special Publications (SPs), and Internal or Interagency Reports (IRs), as well as from the Committee on National Security Systems Instruction (CNSSI).

Glossary of Sports Slang and Idioms Used in Casual American Conversation. ace – Baseball: A team’s best starting pitcher. Also used as a verb, meaning “did very well.” Example: “I .

news hole Space in a newspaper allotted to news, illustrations and other nonadvertising material.

Newspaper terminology pdf

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Newspaper terminology pdf

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