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The order requires cabinet members, police and military generals, senior national security officials, and "such other officers as may be determined by the President" to first seek her approval before appearing before any inquiry of the Senate or the House of Representatives. She also cited Article VI Section 22 of the Constitution which allows cabinet members and other officials to testify at congressional hearings with the permission of the President. Read the full text of Executive Order here. Posted by DYAB at 5:

Reaction paper on hello garci tape

Cruz said the impeachment trial will start at 2 p. She also said only select TV networks will be allowed to set up cameras inside the plenary hall where the trial will be held. The media cannot interview in the hallways and the plenary hall.

Ambush interviews are not allowed. The Corona camp is seeking a preliminary hearing on its argument that the impeachment complaint is constitutionally infirm and defective because the congressmen who signed it were unable to verify their signatures or prove that they had read and understand the articles of impeachment.

But for members of the House prosecution panel, Corona was hiding behind a technicality in his pleading to avoid or delay his trial.

The panel said it was Corona himself - in a speech delivered Dec. The panel also reminded Corona that the House of Representatives Reaction paper on hello garci tape the exclusive power to initiate impeachment and that the Senate has summoned him to face trial.

The panel added that there is always a presumption of regularity in an impeachment complaint, including in the verification. The House prosecutors also castigated Corona for declaring that the move to oust him is an attack on the entire judiciary.

Former assemblyman and Misamis Oriental Gov. It was the fifth petition contesting the legality of the impeachment proceedings.

They said the House violated due process and the equal protection clause under the Constitution when it swiftly adopted the eight Articles of Impeachment signed by congressmen. The Senate, for its part, abused its discretion when it accepted the Articles of Impeachment despite the lack of verification, the two lawyers said.

In a related development, Millora also filed yesterday a motion asking the SC to deliberate on their request for a TRO on the impeachment proceedings. He said the SC should act swiftly lest the issue becomes moot once the Senate proceeds with the impeachment trial.

Romulo Macalintal served as an election lawyer of former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who is detained on charges of electoral sabotage in connection with the senatorial polls in Maguindanao.

For sure, the Supreme Court will not stop the Senate from acting as an impeachment court to try and decide the Corona impeachment case. The issues raised in the petitions, such as defective verification and lack of proper grounds to impeach, are the very same defenses raised by Corona in his answer to the articles of impeachment the House of Representatives transmitted to the Senate last month.

In the Davide case, the impeachment complaint had not yet been received by the Senate when the petitions were filed in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court may likewise dismiss the petitions for lack of legal standing of the petitioners because they have not suffered any form of direct or personal injury as a result of the filing of the impeachment complaint against Corona.

Furthermore, the grounds relied upon by the House in impeaching Corona are political questions which the Supreme Court cannot review or overturn. Finally, the tribunal does not usually touch on the issue of the constitutionality of an act of Congress if there are some other grounds upon which the court may rest its judgment.

As stated, the Senate had already received the articles of impeachment against Corona and convened as an impeachment court, and Corona had already submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the Senate. These are enough grounds for the Supreme Court to avoid colliding with Congress on fundamental issues which could be resolved by the Senate as the sole constitutional body that tries and decides impeachment cases.

It is very consoling that Corona immediately submitted to the jurisdiction of the impeachment court thereby avoiding any collision between the Senate and the Supreme Court. Conrado Philippine Daily Inquirer 9: It went strictly by the book. In fact, Corona himself insisted on it.

Just as well, though it could have exempted Corona from a thesis, UST insisted he write one. Rogers and Corona exist on the same plane? What has Corona done other than to accept a midnight appointment from a fake president? Everything goes downhill from there.

Reaction paper on hello garci tape

If you can see accomplishments where there are none, you can see excellence where there is none. Where is his brilliant piece of legal cogitation to bedazzle the world?

Where has it been published? Or where is it lurking right now, awaiting, or avoiding, publication? The way things are, UST might have done better giving Corona a doctorate summa cum laude in commerce for relevant work experiences and professional achievements in that respect.

That is what he had done to the Supreme Court, given it the rich trappings of commerce. UST can defend itself all it wants, but it will not get out of this unscathed.

This is not a great way to mark years of existence, the celebration of which culminates this month. This episode can only remind us that a great deal of the period UST went through in its lifetime was awash in religious obscurantism fomented by the friars.12 Brilliant Uses For Washi Tape.

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Reaction paper on hello garci tape

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