The existence of two sexes in the history of humanity

Evolution and the Sexes by Sarah Belle Dougherty Consciousness of our sexual identity is so strong that gender may seem an essential part of being human. Yet the theosophical philosophy, which underlies world mythologies and religions, holds that humanity originally was not divided into sexes.

The existence of two sexes in the history of humanity

Nina Quarterly, Volume 2, No. The task of investigating the two creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 is not an easy one, for many reasons.

Both scholarly and Patristic sources have burnt the midnight oil and spilt much ink over these mere fifty-six verses. It is obvious why this small portion of Scripture has attracted so much attention. It is a story of beginnings, a portrait of creation prior to the destructive effects of sin.

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It holds an idyllic quality, offering a brief glimpse of human existence in full communion with God, the plant and animal worlds, and the whole cosmos.

Indeed, the creation story seems to offer a pledge of some answer to these critical issues. At best, these two chapters make good on that pledge; at worst, they inflame these issues and the emotions that drive people to study these chapters in pursuit of real answers. It is not only important, therefore, but crucial that one take much care in studying Genesis 1 and 2.

This may very easily lead to those inflamed emotions just described and, in the end, do little to address whatever the particular concern is at hand. One must remember that these texts were written at a particular time, within certain contexts, to make certain theological points.

But the points they make may not be the ones that we want them to make. We first of all must be willing, when coming to this passage, to let go of our assumptions and understand it on its own terms.

Only then can we move forward in our understanding so that we may grow in our relationships, and ultimately contribute to the upbuilding of the Body of Christ, His holy Church.

The existence of two sexes in the history of humanity

Genesis 1 and 2: This is noticeable in the way in which each goes about its story. The first account 1: It works its way through each day of creation, enumerating what was created by God on that particular day and then stating, "God saw that it was good," and "There was evening and there was morning.

In those verses, his language is almost poetic, emphasizing by its change in style this new creation by God.

The author of this first creation account has been called the "Priestly" writer by scholars because the writings with which he is identified throughout the Old Testament are marked by a emphasis on ritual and ceremony rather than narrative. Such emphasis was a reaction to the fall of Jerusalem in BC, and with it the loss of the kingly office.

The need for the Jerusalemite priests to take over the leadership of the people resulted in an emphasis on teaching the Torah. In this regard, the Priestly writings address the most pertinent theological issues of their time. The author of the second creation account 2: His style is more narrative, and a majority of his text focuses on the human beings God created.

Because of this, his portrayal of creation can be considered more relational, especially when one goes on to read the next couple of chapters authored by him as well, which deal with the fall of Adam and Eve and the stories of Cain and Abel.

That is to say that this author, called the "Yahwist" by scholars, identified the God of the Exodus Yahweh with the God of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacoband even with the Creator of all things. Now that some preliminary groundwork has been laid regarding the two Genesis creation accounts, what do they tell us?

Genesis 1 is very clear in stating that God is the Creator of all things: In contrast to some of the ancient Near Eastern creation myths of his time, the Priestly writer is clear on his stand of Who God is.People come in one of two sexes, male or female.

This is determined by chromosomes, and XX means female, and XY means male. "Antoinette Fouque played a decisive role in the formation and subsequent history of the Women's liberation movement in France.

An extraordinary character, a highly cultivated woman and a relentless activist, she took controversial steps while opening new paths for the inscription and recognition of women in the world. The other two are false.

One very popular idea is that man evolved from lower forms of life. This idea is taught in most schools and in most books and magazines. Whereas extra-Biblical primitive creation stories treat the creation of man and woman separately, much like Genesis 2, the Priestly writer in Genesis 1 portrays the existence of two sexes as belonging from the first to the "definition" of humanity.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. -Taught that the creation of two sexes, male and female, endowed humanity with the ability of relational confrontation -Taught that God's image in mankind can be renewed through faith and sanctification.

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