The negative influences the european explorers

Blog France and the Age of Exploration Up to the eve of the explosion of European exploratory and colonizing activity, France had been embroiled in the enervating Hundred Years' War That series of conflicts started in a quarrel over the succession to the French throne; Edward III of England had made a claim. French military defeats were compounded by the horror of the Black Death, the predations of lawless, marauding gangs in the countryside, and a bloody peasant revolt.

The negative influences the european explorers

Despite not possessing a writing system the Native Americans had a vast oratory literary collection of culture, history, and religion. The literature of the early explorers was mostly narratives and letters.

Each literary system was unique reflecting the different culture, background, and beliefs of each respective group. Eventually the systems come together and evolve into the literature of modern America. To understand modern literature one has to look back at the beginning of American literature.

European explorers found America as a result of questioning the land and water mass of the world by Renaissance scholars, and in the search for riches, wealth, and trading routes to the Far East. When European explorers first reached the New World it appeared to be a paradise.

The Native American culture was steeped in tradition and honoring the earth. They welcomed the newcomers and helped them to survive the harsh winter. Many died as a result of these diseases. They manipulated the Native Americans, raped and killed their people, and took many as slaves.

The European explorers traveled on behalf of monarchs. This behavior was accepted and encouraged by these monarchs, and they took over the land as their own taking it from people they considered to be pagans Baym, Early American literature reflects the distinct differences in the Native Americans and European Explorers.

American literature has evolved from these diverse early writings. The Native American people did not have a writing system so when the explorers discovered America there was no written Native American literature, it was all oratory. Storytelling was a tradition passed down through the generations.

These stories included myths about immortal beings to explain creation and natural occurrences beyond human control. The myth tells how the good son creates he sun and moon, and humans and animals for sustenance. This story of Mother Earth and the battle of good and evil is a creation myth similar to many other Native American stories Jose Maria Obrego's painting "Inspiration of Christopher Columbus" Source Influences Political Early American literature was influenced in many ways.

The negative influences the european explorers

The outside influences are reflected in the literature of the European explorers and the Native Americans. The explorers needed to justify their travels. In their letters to their homeland they would describe the beautiful landscapes of the New World and the abundant resources to show the value of their travels to their country.

Without justification the monarchs would no longer fund their journey and would send others to take over the exploration. At this time the Native Americans had only oral stories. These stories did not offer specific political influence, but the traditions of the tribe could be accounted in stories.

From a political perspective, rituals, ceremonies, and narrative stories could recount the positions held within the tribe and the structural relations of the community.

Stories could also tell of past experiences with outside groups, such as the explorers.European Impact on Latin America Language The Indigenous tribe language is not used today, why do you think? When the Europeans came to Latin America they forced away the indigenous language of people that lived in Latin America.

The Latin Americans were forced to learn the Spanish language. They. Answer. Portugal was the first European country to launch voyages of exploration, Chiefly responsible was Prince Henry, known as "the Navigator". He founded a school of na vigation and sent. Exploration of North America Jump to Other major sea-based explorers were Captain James Cook, George Vancouver, and Charles Wilkes.

European exploration of western Canada was largely motivated by the fur trade and the search for the elusive Northwest Passage. The effect the Spanish had on the Aztec Empire is a mixed lot. Historians often disagree on the impact, both positive and negative, that the Spanish had on Aztec civilization.

Under the leadership of Hernan Cortes in , the Aztec Empire was destroyed.

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The Aztecs were a primitive people who. Artistic Encounters between Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas The great period of discovery from the latter half of the fifteenth through the sixteenth century is generally referred to as the Age of Exploration. European settlers to "the New World" had a major, and mostly negative effect on the indigenous populations across North and South America.

Whatever the motivations, those who settled North America.

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