The return to ottawa in the girl next door by norman levine

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The return to ottawa in the girl next door by norman levine

There were two main themes. The first was that, beyond the vertical movement of people, the benefit of elevators is the brief everyday conver- The power of community and our need to connect sations that occur inside and show the sociology of the workplace.

The second dealt with the rhythm of these conversations, which I hypothesized were largely modulated by the time of day, and the season. On elevators outside our own home or workplace, we tend to be silent, and stare anywhere other than at the stranger we have just met.

There is an inherent anxiety over the strangeness of the territory and the other passengers. In the elevators where I work, however, where people know each other, early winter-morning ride conversations are invariably along the lines of: What is striking to me is that, no matter how horrid the weather, the driving conditions or food in the cafeteria, in these few moments the people who are talking are always smiling.

There is a brief connection made between two people that fulfils a basic human need for us to be connected to our community. One can consider the work of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa in a similar way.

In its simplest form, Federation assists the many wonderful agencies, schools and synagogues we serve to connect us in our everyday needs. I encourage all of you to visit the Federation website, www.

Personally, Federation adds meaning to my life in allowing me to contribute to sustaining these connections — and I am indeed smiling as I write this.

The joy of connecting is reflected also in our Passover celebrations as we remind ourselves of the story of the exodus by reading the Haggadah to stay connected to our past and to each other. Doing so with my family and friends brings joy to me and those I love.

The return to ottawa in the girl next door by norman levine

I wish the same for you. My son and I were in Israel together. He was 16, the same age I was on my first trip there.

And driving, too — to the north, up, up, up Mount Carmel in Haifa, across and up to Safed, and to the backroads of Kibbutz Alonim, where my family has names on its memorial wall.

A place for remembering loved ones. A space for sharing memories.

He delighted in finding some of our family history at the former, and spent hours and hours at the latter with its displays of ancient history and with the vast outdoor model of ancient Jerusalem. And everywhere … the cats. Through art, culture, history and our stories, he was coming to understand himself as part of his people, with a stake in a Judaism he could relate to and celebrate.

Our trip came to a close just as Passover was beginning. We celebrated with our family and an international collection of their in-laws and friends in the northern suburbs of Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean Sea.

Before the seder began, a WhatsApp message popped up with the amazing news that the refugee couple we were waiting to welcome had received their papers. They would soon be on their way to Canada from Lebanon! Looking out to the coast, I was trying to picture them, less than kilometres away, and I could barely imagine what they were feeling.

Then I looked at the Haggadah and thought about the concept of redemption. This couple — and so many others seeking refuge, asylum, and safety — were being redeemed, the bondage exchanged for their freedom.

Canada would be their safe haven, the place where — in this case — they could live without fear of persecution, or worse, for being queer.

For others, it could mean the freedom to practise their religion without fear, like the Yazidi fleeing Syria or Iraq.

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For many fleeing the African continent, it could mean freedom from gender-based violence, ethnic cleansing, or forced indeterminate conscription — all violations of international human rights.

Regrettably, as we approach this Passover, those from Africa who have fled to Israel as refuge-seekers have instead been met with a mean-spirited and even hostile reception. No matter the justifications, rationalization and explanations, I found it shocking to see pictures of people held in open-air cages in the hot desert at Holot.

I found it incredible meaning just that: As CBC correspondent Derek Stoffel reports, many Israelis, including Holocaust survivors and scholars, are declaring these actions contradict Jewish values, practices and beliefs.

The Canadian government has taken a stand as well, effectively exerting pressure on the Israeli government to allow African asylum seekers destined for Canada to not be immediately deported to unstable third countries.

This tale of deportation and inhospitality differs so profoundly from the tale of liberation and redemption in our Haggadah. Viewpoints expressed in these pages do not necessarily represent the policies and values of the Federation.Shop Lord and Taylor online for designer clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories for women, men and kids.

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The return to ottawa in the girl next door by norman levine

editor www daypoems net Click on the bonsai for the return to ottawa in the girl next door by norman levine the next poem DayPoems Forum Click to submit poems to DayPoems The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment.

beauty. Shinshinim prepare to return to Israel after a year in Ottawa > p. 5. An Ottawa native, Norman Zagerman was born September 19, to parents Morris and Mildred Zagerman.

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Feb 03,  · The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Canada's Carleton University has released a report titled "From Correct to Inspired: for the most part, are very pleased to have them next door.

February 3, at pm | Roderick in Canada. Wow! What a rats nest this blog is going to create! Obama will return, the. Noel Fisher is the author of War at Every Door: Her ongoing project, The Slave Girl in the Archive, is a study of race, photography, slavery and memory in the nineteenth century.

Matthew Norman is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. Short Story English Essay People are affected by the human weaknesses and faults, found both in themselves and in others around them.

In "The Girl Next Door" the author, Norman Levine, writes of how a recent returnee to Ottawa, is drawn to a newcomer out of need and loneliness.


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