Writing a story using homophones

This was easy to use. It helped my students to review and fix the errors they were making in their writing.

Writing a story using homophones

Posted by Sanka W. September 22, These words are called homophones. When speaking, or barking as we sled dogs do, people and other dogs understand what we mean by context, that is considering the word along with the words used around it.

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not. What would happen if ware or wear were substituted for where or tale was used instead of tail? His ears stand tall and his tail is long, oh where, oh where can he be? Is it whether or is it weather? Is it where, ware or is it wear?

Is it tail or is it tale? Going back to the first paragraph, is it I or is it eye? Using the wrong spelling of the homophones turns the story into gibberish. Can you select the correct word? Do your best to decide which spelling of the homophone is correct. During the Iditarod, sled dogs are quite happy to see — sea the Bering See — Sea.

Unalakleet is the first village on the Gold Coast. It marks mile of the trail. By the time the dogs reach Unalakleet, with their tails — tales standing tall, there are many tails — tales to tell. Some stories might be about the whether — weathersome stories might be about the trail and some stories might be about the wind and how it blew — blue along the Yukon River.

The knows — nose nose — knows where — ware — wear the trail is. There are many other sounds alike words so stay tuned for other Sounds Alike Challenges.Students identify misused homophones in the story and write the correct spelling which should have been used.

writing a story using homophones

Grade Levels: 4th and 5th Grade, 6th - 8th Grade, Grades K Use our collection of writing ideas and resources to develop your children's writing skills.

How to Teach Homophones. by Marie Rippel. It’s a common scenario; people everywhere do it—maybe even you or your child.

You’re writing a note and are about to write the word peak There are lots of ways to make learning about homophones enjoyable, such as using games, tongue twisters, graphic organizers, storybooks, and .

It makes it easier to learn the difference among the three types of words using the definitions and homonyms, homophones and homographs examples below.

writing a story using homophones

Homonyms Homophones. Writing Story Pictures. Writing Worksheets. More ELA Worksheets. Phonics & Early Literacy. Alphabet. Homophone Story. Read the story. Cross out the incorrect homophones and replace them with correct homophones. 2nd through 4th Grades.

Choose the Homophone. What are Fry’s Instant Words. Fry’s Instant Words are the most common words used in English, listed in order of frequency, and include all parts of speech.

Also known as Fry sight words or high frequency words, they must be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency.